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What's up with the Ladies?


The Wicked Women of the Sirens sometime like to step out for a little "double dutch" singer-songwriter fun, to satisfy a different side of their musical style and to quench their "do-gooder" spirit.  Created during the global pandemic lockdown, Jolene and Lauren like to describe their side gig music like this:  

Our musical style picks up elements from the 70's and 90's, with a sprinkle of the 80's; it's a bit like Sheryl Crow and Mazzy Star had a very moody baby... 


What They Do

Sirens on the Side started out doing charity gigs and performing to raise funds for worthy causes, but they're open to playing for real money too!  They're currently working on a recording project for release in Spring 2022.

Guitarist Writing Song

What's Next

Sirens on the Side are hoping for a sharp drop in Omicron so they can play for your next event or backyard gathering.  These gals are fully vaccinated and ready to go!  Drop them a line.  They are happy to consider playing gratis for worthy charitable causes and accept paying gigs too!

Guitarist Writing Song
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