Jolene Yee
Lead Vocals, Keys & Acoustic

Jolene started piano lessons at 5, quickly graduating to a parade of woodwind instruments.  At 15 she won a scholarship to the Monterey Jazz Festival summer camp, and her love of all things jazz was cemented.  She continued playing through college, but then left  it all behind for more than 20 years; she only stumbled back into the music scene when she moved to Napa 9 years ago. 

Jolene is a fanatic about the craft of making music, loves a good duet, and feels lucky to have found such an awesome group of true Sirens.  She claims that singing with the Sirens makes all the troubles in the world melt away.

If you try hard, you might sneak a glance of her in a vintage Barry White video, for which she did not receive the $50 promised to the naive college student.  She did get to taste real Southern grits, however, for which she is eternally grateful.

Dan Silva
Vocals & Lead Guitar

Dan is the youngest of our jet set BUT still probably has the most years of experience.  He's a professional guitar player, and even toured with a rock band in the nineties (and has the good stories and street cred to prove it!).  And while he's quite a talented guitarist, he has the heart of a drummer.

When he's not beating the drum, pulling strings, or collecting vintage instruments, Dan runs a recording studio, in which he helps others create masterful demos to share with others.  He also knows how to drive a mean tractor.

Lauren Daley
Vocals & Bass

Lauren started her musical journey as a band geek, playing flute and French horn, making the teen years a challenge. Rediscovering her lifelong love of music later in life, and noting that her kids made it look cool, Lauren took up the bass guitar and discovered she should have been playing it all along. 

Nick Okerlund
The Kit

Nick is a heavy metal veteran, with decades of experience keeping time  for everything from Rock Opera to straight metal.  When he's not hanging with the Sirens, or crafting originals or jamming with other musicians, Nick likes to collect and perfect different kits.