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I'm not sure what happened, but I blinked and suddenly we haven't rehearsed for three months and counting, there's no live music, and I'm home all.the.time. I'm in a perpetual state of quiet panic, and the constant stress of a heavy workload, monitoring my distressed children, and navigating a global pandemic with no end in sight, is really starting to wear on the collective psyche.

And yet, a little something wild is erupting with me, and the Sirens. We're writing original music, quietly, late at night, and in isolation. I'm a social beast at heart, and all this social distancing is causing lyrics and melodies to burst out my eyeballs. Is any of it good? Salvageable? Everything sounds good to me at 2am when I've got my Takamine out and I'm waiting out the insomnia.

We're putting the "finishing touches" on our second (kinda) creation. It's not clean, and it's not perfect, it's not sophisticated or engineered. It started out as 2 minutes of a recorded jam almost three months ago, and then a mix of boredom and restlessness one night engendered lyrics and melody. Next an iPhone recording sent back and forth until we each created our own pieces to the musical puzzle. And now we've got a video made up of 5 raw iPhone recordings, all shot in different places, with different acoustics and different lighting, some landscape, some portrait, plotted in little boxes and wrapped up in a bow.

For a short while we were a fun cover band just starting out. And now we've got a queue of rocky emotion-driven originals bursting to find their way in the world. All in the middle of a global pandemic, face-masks, and social isolation.

Welcome to The Social Distance Sessions. We are the Sirens 2020. The Call is coming.

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