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Consider Yourself Forewarned...

This is the story of a group of five people who don't necessarily know each other very well, but have a shared love and adoration of music. Love listening to it, playing it, teaching it, hating it, messing around with it, and sharing it with others who are willing to Listen. Dance. Tap Toes. Laugh. Smile. Remember.

An amazing musician and sage teacher guitar teacher once told me that starting a band at this stage in my life is like going through all the crap and drama of a 17 year old, except you're "in your forties". Right. Like I want to revisit High School, in all it's glory.

Yet here I am and here we are, having an awesome time. Covers, originals, sounds great, bad day, hoarse voice, great harmony, whatever it is, it's never too late to do something you love and live a dream.

And have fun pretending you're a group of supermodels at a photo shoot. Except your photographers are unpaid minors, no one is a size 0 seventeen year old, or wearing a bikini. But still . . . it's a Journey. Hope you come along for the ride!

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