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And then they put me in the Closet. . .

If you fancy yourself a musician and you've never been in a recording studio, find a way to make it happen. It's incredibly unnerving, but once you get started it is a LOT of fun! I had trouble at first because they really did put me in a closet (see pic) and it's difficult to orient yourself to the band when you can't see them. Plus, we all looked/felt a little ridiculous in our various headphones. But once we got started, amazing things happened. We could all hear each other very clearly! This is both good and bad, because you can hear everything going on; this means you can hear every note that's a little flat, every entrance that's a tad early or late, and so on and so forth.

Because of some looming deadlines, we didn't have time to do multi-track, and instead did a "dirty" demo recording, which means we just recorded live and hoped for the best. We wanted to cut 4 tracks in 3 hours, so we only did 2 or 3 takes of each, and because I was already anxious from suffering allergies all week with a croaky voice, we took the first take of Exes & Ohs. That ended up being my second favorite of the demos. We recorded, then listened, then decided as a group whether to record again. It was a little nerve-wracking, and I fully expected to shed tears, but alas, it was way better than I had hoped! And we had a lot of fun. Lauren admitted that when she had her time in "the closet" and she knew no one was looking, she rocked out, dancing to herself in the booth.

We owe a LOT to our drummer, who worked his magic in the mix, and now we have 4 samples to share with the world. Check out the demos under E.P.K. So . . . whaddya think?

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